Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Po Tay Buddist Temple

Category : Off the Beaten Path, Buddhist Temple.
What to Expect, & Key Attractions

Antiques on Display!, Note the Bell.

Po Tay Buddhist Temple is a temple where the ancestor tablets of a chinese family is place. The main hall have is a large room with many of this tablets, and prayers are held, on a daily, monthly and yearly basis by the nuns them self. One May visit this temple daily. But what special here is the actual temple it self which is on the side of the Main Hall.

Antiques on Display!, Note the Drum.

What you can find here are some Antiques on display such as the Bell and Drum above, and the Altar it self. Photo displayed. Very Different from the Taoist Temples, and the other Buddhist temples that are heavily promoted in Penang.

Lady Praying at the Altar.

It is very quite here, if fact the door may even not be open, and if offer a very different prospective on life in Penang, one that is rarely seen.

Close up of the Lord Buddha

If you are in the area, and have the time, Drop by.

Location : At Gollib Road, Penang Island.

Hotel near here are G Hotel, & Berjaya Hotel.

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