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Bukit Panchor State Park / Taman Negeri Bukit Panchor

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What to Expect, & Key Attractions

The State Park Logo

Bukit Panchor State Park is first develop in 1963, has good basic facilities to cater for the tourist, however it is “Off The Beaten Path” as it is located at the Southern Part of Penang Mainland, Seberang Prai Selatan. Its cover around 8 hectares, Among the plant life found in this lowland forest area are the huge meranti sarang punai (shorea parvifolia) and other trees like Keladan (Drybalanops oblongofolia) and Kapur (Dryobalanops aromatica). It’s Key attraction is it’s Bat Cave

This place is for nature lovers, Jungle Trekkers to be precise, especially with the intention of exploring the Bat Caves. The Lower part of this place is nice just for a short visit as a introduction to a Forest Park. During the week ends and school holiday, local schools may organize camping activities here.

SnapShot Visit

Departing from Bukit Jawi Golf Resort at 5pm we arrive at the State Park at 5.30pm on a Monday, There were no people around at this time except for some Village Kids. Visiting at this time and on Monday is definitely off the normal tourist hours. But it’s a great opportunity for a PhotoShoot.

The Main Entrance

Once turning off the Main Road, we were driving along a Kampong (Village) Road (tared) that is just wide enough for a Car or a Van only, I will certainly not suggest not to bring a bus along. You will get look of life in a Malay Village along the way. Please drive carefully as, kids and animals are running all around. There are adequate signage’s on the way to prevent you from getting lost.

Entrance to the Park

At the Park entrance, there is a notice board with the Map of the State Park for you to get your bearings as well as a canteen (Close at this time). In this lower part of the park, you will find that there is a Concrete Pathway for you to walk on, and the undergrowth has been cleared. The Trees are spectacular, scoring up in to the sky and it is surprisingly cool.

Information Signage’s

Modern Convenience are available here, Toilets, Rest Huts, Camp Grounds, Cooking Areas, Play Ground.


Camping Site

At the end of the Concrete Pathway, there is a small swampland with a wooden walk way that lead in to the Jungle. Walk along the walkway to see various plants that grow there.

Wooden Walk way in to the Swampland

View from the Walkway

While you are walking along the concrete path, look at each tile, impress into each tile are images of various types of leaves.

Concrete path

Leaf Impression

On the left of this area, there is a Jungle Trek which lead to the Bat Caves a hike of around 2km I understand, Not for me, and definitely not at this time, I understand that it’s a steep hike. Please note that there are rules to follow.

The State Park Advice the following, - Take Pictures Only, Leave nothing but your Foot Print.

When Trekking
Follow Mark Trails
Move in Group of 4’s
Inform Someone Before and After Trekking
Bring along 2 liter of water per person
Where Proper Shoes for Steep Hill Trekking
Ensure You are Healthy.
Bring Along a Walking Stick

Sunlit Rest Hut

How to get there.

Snapshot recommend that you either hire a car or a taxi, or get a tourist guide to drive you to the state park, There is No Public Transportation to the State Park

Route Map to Taman Negeri Bukit Panchor / Bukit Panchor State Park via NSE, Juru Toll Exit

Drive along the NSE, heading towards KL, At the 2nd Exit (Jawi Exit), leave the NSE, and at the traffic light turn right, toward Sg Bakap / Butterworth), drive for 2k, pass Jawi Inn, turn left (at the A Rahman Nasi Kandar), drive for 1.5km, turn right, drive straight on passing Bukit Jawi Golf Resort, at T Junction, turn left, drive straight, at T junction turn right. The road to the State Park will be on your left. (Note: it is a small tar road)

Bamboo Grove

Closest Hotel:

International Class – 3/4Star

Bukit Jawi Golf Resort, Tel : 604-5820759 Web

Facilities: 66 rooms, 36 Hole Golf Course, Chinese Restaurant, Coffee House

Budget Class

Seri Jawi Inn, Tel : 04 – 5822280

Facilities: Rooms, Restaurant


If you intend to drop by in the morning, snapshots suggest that you may want to try out the some of Penang Culinary Attractions in the area for Breakfast

- Chye Koey (Vege Cake) at Sungai Bakap Town, - Note “Contains Pork”

Seems to be a delicacy here, with outstation folks coming as far as 30km to have breakfast of this steam giant dumpling which is stuffed with stewed turnips or kuchai a spring onion type vegetable. There are two restaurants that serve it so be assured of one that opens. You can have, the Chye Koey with Tim Sum, Noodles and other dishes

Go to : for further details.

- Tosai at Nibong Tebal Railway Station.

Ever dine in a small quaint Railway Station. With your table practically right next to the track. Enjoy an excellent Fluffy Tosai, a Indian pancake, that is usually eaten with dhal curry and other accompaniment, usually for breakfast.

Go to: for further details.

You will find this two place mark on the location Map above.

For Further Information

Kindly contact the following

1. Pejabat Hutan Negeri

Tingkat 20, Menara KOMTAR, 10000 P. Pinang

Tel : 604-262 5272, Fax 604-263 6335,

2. Pejabat Renjer Hutan Lipur Nibong Tebal, Seberang Perai Selatan

14300 Nibong Tebal, Pulau Pinang

Tel 604-5932877

The Bat Caves

Future Update, by some person who has actually been there.