Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hidden Beach

Man Fishing on Beach

Where would you think these beach photo's were taken in Penang? Most will say either at Tg Bungah, Batu Feringghi and so on on the Island, and not from the Main land.

Beach In Penang

Beach with view of Penang Island and Komtar

In this photo of the same beach, you can see Komtar, This beach is in Butterworth, Bagan Ajam and is a hidden treasure know only to limited people. When ever i ask, every one say there is no beach at Penang Main Land. I stumble on this beach when i was travelling along the BORR, and made a stop at the Bagan Ajam Rest Stop, You can get scenic views of Penang Island, with View as far at Tangjung Bungah to George Town. (Am Planning to stop here at night to take some night shots)

BORR Rest Stop

This beach have all the facilities in the Rest Stop, A Toilet, A surau, A hawker Center with private parking for the operators! , and there is surpose to be Restaurant , now converted to a clothing Shop......

Hawker Center

What is needed here is some more work, in cleaning up the beach, and encouraging more activities here. Water look clean but its not crystal clear but there were ppl in the water, Kitc flying, sand castle building , boast rowing, dragon boat festival etc, but the only way here is to enter the BORR from butterworth and pay the R1.20 toll. My only complain is 1. there no fast food chain 2. Only Malay food is available. Dont get me wrong, I love malay food but when you are travelling with children.......