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Admiral Cheng Ho Temple or Shrine / Sam Po Temple (Footprint)

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A off the beaten trek tourist spot but a well known one is the Sam Po (Footprint) temple at Batu Maung, Penang Island.

Entrance to the Temple

It is located near the Penang Airport, next to the LKIM complex (fishery management) and just beside a Chinese Seafood Restaurant at the Tiny Fishing Village of Batu Maung.

A close up of the Statue

What is located Here?

There is a footprint (in rock) that is surpose to be 33inches long, which some say is surpose to be the foot print of Admiral Cheng Ho. Others say its belongs to the Legendary Hanuman or Monkey God. There is now a nice shrine or temple built here.

The Foot Print, coins thrown in for luck.

Who is Admiral Cheng Ho?

Cheng Ho is a legendary Chinese mariner who has lead a fleet of ships exploring the seven seas during the 1400+, he is also know as Zheng He, Sam Poh, Ma Po, Temples in his name can as it is known can be found in Perak, Cameron Highlands and Malacca.

Painting at Entrace showing Cheng Ho and His Fleet

Years ago!

Years ago, my father use to bring me here to a restaurant, that have concrete figures of animals cartoon caracters, now this restaurant have close down. My memories of this place is playing next to the animal and cartoon caracters, and even putting my feet to compare it size. at that time the foot print was right at the sea side.

A Bell in the Temple

The current temple

Is upgraded in 2003 to 2005, with a beautiful gate way entrance, the temple it self and the foot print is turn in to a well within the temple, beautiful manicure garden and a delighful pool full of carps.

View of the Temple

Other Activities

There are also two other tourist spots, the Penang War Museum and the Aquarium. In the are. There is a (Chinese) seafood restaurant here which is open of lunch and dinner.

Just in front of the Temple

For more information on Cheng Ho visit here.


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